RT/AH Welcoming Committee Halo 4 Playdate feat. Team DBAH!

The RT/AH Welcoming Committee is hosting a Halo 4 Playdate on Friday, 8/9/13 at 9:00pm EST, and Team DBAH is helping out with the festivities! I sent out a message on Xbox Live for 8 players, and in what shall go down in the fastest turnaround ever of all time, 8 slots were filled in about an hour. Have I told you guys lately how much i love you all? Thank you to those of you who responded so quickly and as for the rest of the folks interested, please let me know. If a slot opens up, we will try to get you in on the fun. Conversely, if you don't feel like waiting for us to take our sweet ass time, Why not join the RT/AH Welcoming Committee as well, http://roosterteeth.com/groups/profile.php?id=16815, and sign up to play there? It's a Win Win situation for everybody!!!

Full details on the playdate from MstrSgtBush over at the RT/AH Welcoming Committee group page: http://roosterteeth.com/groups/news/entry.php?id=69497