Team DBAH GTAV Party Night

So TrogdorDave through a bit of a party last Friday night at his apartment in GTAV. We all converged on Dave's apartment and proceed to drink a whole bunch of beverages (in game, of course). we then sat and watched TV and sang in Dave's shower. Here are some highlights...

Kortney started losing parts after she went into Dave's Shower of Mystery.... Spooky stuff, right there..

Body parts weren't the only casualty of the Shower, as Ky seems to have misplaced his pants and had his jacket shredded. He may or may not be peeing in the houseplants right now...

Looking like Vas's illegitimate offspring, Randall tried to capture the magical moment with a selfie. truly artistic.

There will be a lot more pics to come, so until next time, CharlieDanger82 & Synn76 say, "See you later and Don't Be A Hero."

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