Friday Night DBAHchery for 5/30/14: Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

Gotta say folks, despite playing a relatively broken free to play fully released game, there was fun going around to everyone that showed up last Friday once we took a stab at changing the rules of engagement in WarFace. That said, its time to announce the next Friday night DBAH-chery game!

This Friday on the 30th of May at the usual9 p.m. EST (-5 GMT) hour, we're going to dive on in to tropical waters and sunny Caribbean shores in Assassins Creed IV.

You read that right ladies and gents, so ready your blades and guns for some sneaky stealth action. Will you be the merciless shadowy assassin, or the helpless victim in a murder pileup? The only way to know is to play, so join the group to put your skills (be it for killing, or running away) to the test against the most laid back gaming group to have ever gathered. Hit up @Charlie8282 on RT or on Xbox LIVE at CharlieDanger82 to get your ticket punched on this cruise.

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