Shots From Across the Pond: Jamie Reviews Amazing Spider-Man 2

2 years ago the super-hero known as Spider-Man was rebooted on the big screen, and following that he was also given a tie-in video game, which I brought during a period of a game drought, not only did I play the game, and enjoy it, I also 100% it, by that meaning I have 1000 gamer score in it, my first and so far only 1000 point, and now I'm on route to complete the sequel as well, but does that mean I necessary mean it's a good game, lets find out.

First things first, the story isn't that great, every time one characters story starts to be told, a new characters enters the game, I can easily list off three villains that aren't needed in this game, Shocker, Electro and Carnage, and even though this game is meant to tie-in to the movie, the transformation and motivation for the two villains from the movie who are in the game, are completely different, and the voice actor for Electro fails badly at impersonating Jamie Foxx, and soon after the Electro boss fight I found myself playing with the game on mute.

But besides from that the games on other bad point is it's combat, which is very much the same combat system as the first game, which was good at the time, but I would have liked something new, speaking of new, this game introduces a couple of new mechanics that are enjoyable and refreshing, including multiply suits that you can unlock and level up, different forms of spider gadgets that you can use, and the returning web rush feature feels so much better to use.

Collectables were also a big thing in the first game, and this time they've been cut down a bit to a more manageable level, though when there is only a couple left in a free roam environment it can become a pain, although you can unlock and ability that makes it kind of easier.

So even though this game doesn't offer many difference between this and the 2012 game, it's still a fun game to play, and just like the other game, it has some easy achievements to get, but isn't anywhere near a fantastic game.

So with all that said, I'm gonna give The Amazing Spider-Man 2 the video game 3.3 out of 5 stars.

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