Shots From Across the Pond: Jamie Reviews Super Smash Bros 3DS

Have you ever wanted to play as your favourite Nintendo characters and beat the crap out of each on a portable handheld devices, cause add a few 3rd party characters to the game and you've got exactly that, Super Smash Bros 3DS surely delivers on the premise, but does it just keep us at bay until the game arrives on the Wii U? Let's find out?

So first let's talk about the classic mode, where basically you pick your character and fight through a series of scenarios until you make it to the boss, and once you've done that you can do it again and again with every character and on different difficulties, and once you've done that, you can play some of the other game modes, like all star mode, what's all star mode you ask?

I'll tell you, all star mode sees you take on a team of characters based on the years they first appeared, starting from the oldest then going on to the most recent, other games modes include the 3DS exclusive mode Smash Run, you have five minutes to kill enemies and collect power ups to make you more powerful for when you take on your 3 opponents, reading about it is one thing but playing makes it all the better, believe me.

Smaller game modes include, Target Smash, Home-Run Contest and Multi-Man Smash all of which make up the Stadium category, all of these game modes are smaller scale but unique and fun, you know what else is fun, unlocking extra characters and stages, and completing challenges, which helps give you a bit of a purpose in playing the game, which is kinda needed for a Nintendo game.

So time to review, all the game modes together make up a fun and enjoyable game, the challenges and characters and stage unlocking helps give the game some extra purpose, all together if you're looking for a game to play while you're waiting for something else to do, or if you want something to do for the next few hours, Super Smash Bros 3DS is an incredibly fun game to play alone or with friends, so with that I'll give the game 4.7 out of 5 stars.

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