Jamie asks Team DBAH about their Games of the Year 2014!

We Admins of Team DBAH are group 
of gamers with very different tastes in 
game genres, So I thought I would 
assemble the Admins and get their picks, 
so here, in their own words and opinions, 
is what they have to say. 


Charlie's picks:
Oh man, that's tough! I'm currently playing like 4 games right now. the Evil Within is DEFINITELY a contender for my GOTY, but since I Haven't finished it yet, I will say it's a toss up between Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition & Murdered: Soul Suspect

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition - the game was highly addictive to me. the persistent quest for better gear, the satisfying combat & the amazingly gorgeous graphics made it a rewarding and incredible gameplay experience.

Murdered: Soul Suspect - this wasn't a life changing game by any means and it was the glitchiest game I've played on the 360 in a long time BUT in a sea of samey shooters and sequels, this was a cool, original IP that sadly won't see a sequel because it didn't have Zelda or Call of Duty in the title. the crime scene investigations that had to be solved to help other spirits as well as the tension you experienced while navigating a room full of demons who could only be destroyed through sneaking & stealth killing made for an really cool experience that kept me engaged in the game from start to finish.
I'd also say that Destiny & Titanfall  were probably my favorite multiplayer games. Destiny, because playing with friends makes the game more enjoyable and Titanfall because it is the most fun I've had in a multiplayer game in a long time.

Craig's pick 
For me it was Destiny, though due to my work schedule I haven't gotten thru Castlevania: LoS2 yet. Why Destiny? Playing it on the PS3 with one of my friends who was also really into made it a lot of fun. People give the game a lot of crap about the thin story line and/or the grinding (tell me a MMO where grinding doesn't exist...and how many people play those?) but it's a game based in playing with your friends and getting thru missions, raids and PVP (if that's your thing) together. While going thru it you all hopefully finding some cool items and walk away with cool story between you about how you took down 3 bosses in a row with dying or you all ran the top of the boards in a PVP match up or you had a crazy Sparrow race.

Luke's picks:
My game of the year would probably have to be... Either of Warlords of Draenor or Lords of the Fallen.

WoD just has a very special place in my heart, as Wow was a big part of my gaming past (and present, I suppose) and I've put so much time into WoW as a whole, that seeing the (supposed) last expansion come out and really put effort into tying in all the lore, the story, as well as the gameplay and kind of bring back and old school feel to the game is just very reminiscent to me and very nostalgic.

LotF was just... It was a unique experience, they aren't many games like it around and certainly none that came out this year that I can think of (not for next gen release, at least). It wasn't a classic shooter or a sequel or a reboot of any kind. It was a new game of its own, and it was more than I had hoped for. I assumed it would be good and something I would buy, but it really surprised me. The way that every combat situation could be changed based on gear combinations, personal style, as well as pure talent and skill really made the game to prove to be a serious challenge and I was so happy and relieved when I beat a boss, only to be petrified to move on to the next because I knew I would spend lots of time learning their abilities, and then more tries perfecting the way to combat them. It was one of the more difficult games I have played, close to being on par with Dark Souls difficulty.

Trevor's pick
Dragon Age: Inquisition. Stunning graphics, seemless combat, immersive  world, plus a quality story. Plus Bioware/EA listened to their fans on this one and added multiplayer and fixed the issues with Dragon Age 2

Randall's picks:
GOTY hmmm.... difficult question...

I've gotta say its a 3 way tie.

Multiplayer GOTY for me has got to be Titanfall,
I haven't had as much fun in any other multiplayer game as I have had in Titanfall. (also I only broke 1 controller compared to the 3-5 COD has made me break)

Single player GOTY (although I've only played for a bit) Sunset Overdrive
The gameplay is just insane and you lose track of time when your playing. Also, the collectibles, I don't mind collecting!

Cant Stop Playing GOTY (it would be overall game of the year if the story was any good)
I don't know why, I don't know how, but its fun!!!

Dave's pick
Dragon Age Inquisition, it surpasses the previous titles in the series and presents a game that is not only interesting, but expansive and challenging. Also, it was almost bug-free on launch day, something few games could dare say this year.

Jorge's picks (He wanted me to howl) HOWL!!!
My pick is a tie between Shadow of Mordor and Assassins Creed Rogue. Only because it was one of the only games that came out w/o needing severe patching post release. Destiny sucked, MCC was a flop, Inquisition is loaded and unfinished so no vote there yet, screw HD remake games in general, Unity is a hot mess, and no matter what anyone says; TellTale games won't count until all freaking episodes of a games season is out.

Jakes pick
Dragon Age Inquisition, It's just such an expansive game. The open world and Bioware storytelling combine for an amazing experience. The level of detail in your custom, voiced PC is fantastic. The multiplayer is also a fun, raid-esque experience. Bioware fanboy, but I really don't need to buy any other game for the greater half of next year because of this one.

Jamie's Pick
My Pick has to be the one game of 2014 that I haven't be able to stop playing, and that is Super Smash Bros Wii U, because it's simply the first Wii U game that hasn't left my Wii U, it's a game with dozens of different game modes and challenges, something that not every game has to offer now days.

NOTE: We did not leave Heather out! Due to a really busy year, she just hasn't played enough games to give an accurate GOTY pick!

So these are our picks for GOTY, but that doesn't stop here, what are your choices? and what are you most excited for in 2015?

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