The Official Team D.B.A.H. Podcast #114

This week it's an awkward, rant filled, PSA including podcast as Craig, Heather, Jake & Charlie talk about spreading lactose intolerance awareness, celebrating the Festival of the Lost in Destiny, loads of excitement for American Alien from Max Landis, the Martian Manhunter's horrible addiction, a world where the members of Team DBAH are the cast of Harvey Birdman, the games of Paris Games Week, a HEATED discussion about Jennifer Lawrence, the delicate act of blurring boobies in the Witcher 3, the trials & tribulations of downloading Halo 5, saving animals from war zones in MGSV, playing the monster in Evolve, unintentionally being the worst overseer ever 4 times in Fallout Shelter, playing as Stone Cold in WWE2K16 and dealing with the overly dark tones of every show or movie DC makes. It's a very special, after school special kinda Official Team DBAH Podcast #114! Come Join Us Why Don't You?

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