The Official Team D.B.A.H. Podcast #116

This week, Craig, Jake, Trevor & Charlie talk about the enjoyment of  breaking houses in Fallout 4, the finer points of 007 Spectre, the lower points of the Last Witch Hunter, the pain staking process of creating characters in WWE2K16, birthday surprises in MGSV, the weird tutorial level but cool hub world of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, the damnable Candy Crush sale, Max Landis creating one of the best comics of 2015 with Superman: American Alien, passports in general, the duality of hurricanes, the ridiculousness that is Shia Lebouf and the comedy stylings of Aziz Ansari & Donald Glover. Come for awkward intro, stay for the strong finish this week on the Official Team DBAH Podcast #116. Come Join Us Why Don't You?

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