Loot Crate Overview May: Power

Loot Crate Overview
May: Power
By Jamie Scholfield

Never has a crate ever felt so filled with power and items that utilize this power, items from Dragon Ball Z, Warcraft and Marvel.

Name: Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt

You never feel more powerful than when you are
removing a hot tray from out of the depth
of the hellfire that is! The oven!

Name: Dragon Ball Z 

Shenron Plush Keychain
Oh boy! What a powerful item, do you know how powerful? Do you?
About 9001.

Name: Hulk Q-Fig

This item from Marvel feature the
 well known beast of power himself, 
The Incredible Hulk in incredible detail.

Name: Warcraft T-Shirt

Are you loyal to Alliance or Horde? 
Well with this simplistic designed shirt,
you can secretly be loyal to both!

What a powerful assortment of Loot for this month’s Power Crate.
Now to look forward to next month’s theme and Crate!

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