Loot Crate Overview June: Dystopia

Loot Crate Overview
June: Dystopia
By Jamie Scholfield

If you’re one of those that fears the downfall of society, this Crate finds the good in the Dystopia, featuring items from Fallout, Terminator and Matrix.

 Name: The Matrix Puzzle

This Puzzle is great for those who love  to try and connect dark grey tiles with slightly 
darker grey tiles, enjoy the puzzle!

Name: Bioshock Infinite Key Blank 

This key literally has infinite potential, as you can get it cut to be yours 
to open any door in which you want.

 Name: Terminator 2 Metal Print 

To celebrate the 25th anniversary ofTerminator 2, Loot Crate has gifted us 
with this awesome metal print. Or it is a melted down Terminator?

Name: Fallout 4 Power Armor Dorbz

 Nothing says Dystopia like Fallout, and no Dorbz is better equipped 
to survive the harsh landscape than this well detailed Power Armor Dorbz.

 Name: Robocop T-Shirt

This T-Shirt has been proven to prevent crime just with it presence, 
and who can blame it, it’s a T-Shirt with some amazing artwork and detail.

Another great month of awesome Loot this month, with an interesting theme,
Dystopia, and Loot  that fits in with the theme perfectly.

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