Loot Crate Overview August: Anti-Hero

By Jamie Scholfield

This month’s Crate features those tricky people who may do bad things for good reasons, or good things for bad reasons. That right! This month’s crate features the members of Team DBAH…No? Okay, This month’s Crate feature Anti-Heroes, like Harley Quinn, Archer and Kill Bill. 


Name: Hellboy Coin Bank
I hope Hellboy has a spare Right Hand of Doom,
cause this one is now being used to keep my coins safe from Hellhounds!

Name: Kill Bill Socks
I now have a new contender for bloodiest socks in my collection!
A very good tribute to a great Tarantino movie!

Name: Harley Quinn Q-Fig
This figure reminds me something we're still waiting for:
the cinematic debut of the Joker's best supporting characters...
I mean Bud and Lou the Hyenas, Obviously.


Name: Archer T-Shirt
What's that, America?
Need a Presidential candidate that you can get behind?
Look no further than this fictional Anti-Hero;
clearly the best man for the job!


I said it once, and I’ll say it again:
this Summer is S.O.A.L!
(Summer of Awesome Loot)
But will September continue the awesomeness?
Come back next month to find out!

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