Loot Crate Overview November: Magical

By Jamie Scholfield

I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason I’m unable to find Dave is because he isn’t in this universe anymore. I’m going to use this month’s Loot Crate to research into the world of the Magical.

Name: Game of Thrones Journal

Winter has come!

Oh, sorry, that’s not about the book. I was just making a comment about the season.
If only I had a journal to compose my thoughts in…

Name: Doctor Strange Q-Fig

The detail on this figure is way too good for it to just be called a “figure.” I think a new evil has shrunken down the Sorcerer Supreme and frozen him in place.... and then for some reason gifted him to me... How strange...

Name: Fantastic Beasts Obliviator T-Shirt

I feel like I should remember something about this shirt, but for some reason I don’t….
Looks nice though.

What a Magical experience this Loot Crate was! And I got a comic book, too! I’ve definitely learned something about the Magical word, even though I’m no closer to solving the mystery of Dave's disappearance. Maybe next month...  

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