Loot Crate Overview March: Primal

By Jamie Scholfield

It’s time to unleash your animal instincts and hunt down this month’s succulent Loot! That's right boys and girls, it’s time to become... Primal!


Name: Jurassic World Warning Sign

Bout time I put up the warning sign for the electrified Velociraptor paddock.
Now I just need to put a roof on the Pterodactyl cage....

Name: 100% Die Cast Metal
X-men Logan Wolverine Figure

This little Logan has some weight to him! Every looter had the chance of receive
a Classic Logan, Old Man Logan or a Raw Adamantium Logan.

Name: Predator Bottle Opener

What amazing detail for a simple bottle opener based on the most feared hunters of all time.

Name: Overwatch Winston 
Primal Rage T-Shirt

Even the smartest of us can lose control sometimes. Take Winston for example: one minute he’s eating some peanut butter, the next...well, just look at the shirt!

What another great month of Loot, and a very unexpected theme! Recently I started avoiding reading about the theme 
of upcoming Crates, and the surprise is worth it every time.
Now just to wait for next month.... 

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